Because everything you do financially affects your taxes.

What do you do for you?

In order to attain meaningful results for you, we work differently than other financial professionals.  We aren’t for everyone.  Making progress requires commitment, but we can only match the commitment you are willing to make.

We know that every financial decision you make affects your taxes.  And every tax decision you make affects your finances.  Pretending that financial and tax decision are independent of one another is both naive and dangerous.  Financial Advisors that don’t take responsibility for the “annual report card” of your tax return are really investment sales people.

We start with an understanding of your Personal Balance Sheet, integrate that with your Personal Tax Flow Statement, and compare that to your goals and objectives.  Only then can you make clear, specific, and confident decisions about your actions.

Because life is “dynamic” and all the pieces are constantly moving (especially the tax law) this process is always evolving and your ongoing commitment to it is critical to your success.  We stand ready, willing, and able to be your personal CFO.  If this sounds good, then time is wasting.  Call/email us to make an appointment ASAP!

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